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Sweet Tart Car Diffuser

Sweet Tart Car Diffuser

SKU: 11222022001

Sweet Tart is a combination of calamansi, yuzu and lemon creating a luxurious citrus scent that is a bit sweet and a bit tart. It has a relaxing and clean aroma.


  • Premium fragrance oil
  • All natural, non-toxic diffuser base
  • Phthalates free
  • Paraben free
  • 0% VOC content
  • 8 ml. net content


Scent Note Profile:


Top:  Lemon, Cyclamen Flower

Middle: Calamansi, Yuzu, Sugar Cane

Base: Lemon Peel, Amber Crystals, Musk


* Make sure to read the car diffuser care card for proper usage.

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